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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Deerfield Beach, FL Many people focus less on retaining walls during landscape planning and construction. Most people don't know what retaining walls are and how they are different from standard ones. At Cabo Brick and Stone, we have noticed that some property owners cut corners or use the incorrect materials in retaining wall construction. It means that the structure will not serve its purpose well or may deteriorate sooner than later. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we ensure that every client receives the most appropriate wall structures for their needs and budget.

Our team is always ready to help with customized solutions. We have installed high-quality retaining walls of all shapes and sizes on residential and commercial properties in Southeast Florida. We ensure that these walls are as resilient as possible. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the products and materials used and the construction techniques and engineering that go into them.

Different Retaining Wall Materials

So, do the materials used in these walls really matter? Yes, they do. A good, solid retaining wall is the result of selecting the right skills and materials. For instance, if you use the best materials and products but hire an inexperienced installer, the retaining wall is unlikely to last very long. Similarly, regardless of how experienced the installer is, the wall will not be resilient without the proper techniques and equipment.

It's why we believe that the material used to construct the retaining wall is a critical component of the design. The following are the most frequently used materials in such walls:

  • Concrete masonry units (CMUs) – These products are widely used in modern retaining walls. CMUs are incredibly convenient and less vulnerable to damage than poured concrete walls. Typically, stone veneers are applied to CMUs to improve the aesthetics of the walls.

  • Concrete Blocks – These are significantly more durable than CMUs, more compact, and less susceptible to developing cracks and weaknesses. These blocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They resemble natural materials like brick and stone and are a popular material option. Our skilled masons understand how to carefully install these blocks to ensure that the walls are solid and will not collapse under pressure.

  • Brick – Brick retaining wall structures are beautiful. They especially blend in well with the landscape if your property is designed and built in the traditional style. Additionally, these walls are simple to maintain and very durable. The major drawbacks of brick are its color and design limitations, and they take longer to construct.

Additionally, stone, poured concrete, and even wood are used. Our hardscape designers are always here to guide your material selections. They will study your landscape to determine the retaining walls you may require. We source proven retaining wall systems and products, so you never have to worry about a premature deterioration in the structure. We also design retaining walls with seating or planters that add functionality to the system because it has a dual purpose. This approach also helps provide you with a higher return on investment.

High-Grade Retaining Wall Construction

Once you approve the design, plans, materials, and cost, we will complete the installation to industry standards. Our supervisors on-site ensure that the entire work is delivered on time. They will also oversee all aspects of the project's quality control. While we place a premium on each of these factors, we also ensure that the retaining walls that we provide are cost-effective.

For any additional information on our custom-designed retaining walls, please contact Cabo Brick and Stone at 954-675-6734. We are here to provide a free consultation and free estimate. Alternately send us your queries, and one of our experts will call you soon to discuss your project details.