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Hardscaping, Outdoor Living & Retaining Walls, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Hardscaping, Ft Lauderdale, FL All outdoor spaces on commercial and residential properties have to be designed and installed to be well balanced. This balance comes from using softscaping and hardscaping in the right proportions. While it is crucial to focus on aspects such as functionality and durability, you also need features that will improve the curb appeal of your property and make the spaces attractive for you to use.

It's where the services of skilled and experienced hardscaping designers and installers like us come into the picture. At Cabo Brick and Stone we offer premium hardscaping services to our clients in Ft Lauderdale and surrounding regions. Our team handles every aspect of installing hardscapes in outdoor spaces on residential and commercial properties. We always focus on offering our clients customized services so that they get value for money every time they hire us.

Types of Hardscaping Services

Not only do we help with start-to-end hardscaping solutions in new landscaping projects, but tackle hardscape upgrade jobs as well. The services we offer include:


As mentioned earlier, hardscaping is an essential aspect of any landscape, big or small. On a residential property, there may be features such as patios, decks, poolscapes, fireplaces zones, etc. These areas would also need a driveway, walkways, and pathways, depending on the layout of the outdoors. When we design and plan hardscaping features for you, we always make sure that the styling and materials used complement each other entirely and enhance the appeal of your home or commercial structure. We use the best materials in our work and make sure that skilled and experienced hardscaping installers in Ft Lauderdale handle the job.

Outdoor Living

One of the best ways to improve the usability of your yard areas is to get outdoor living features installed. You can choose from a patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, fireplace area, water features, and other elements to enhance the appeal and functionality of these spaces. Our team handles the complete design and installation of different types of outdoor living features. Hardscape designers in Ft Lauderdale will make sure that every aspect of these structures is in line with your requirements. We use materials such as interlocking concrete pavers, natural stone, stone veneer as well as various other masonry products to create unique and attractive outdoor living structures.

Retaining Walls

If you have soil erosion problems or sloping land on your property and want to make better use of the available space, you would need to install block retaining walls. These structures are specially built to provide the right kind of support to the landscape while helping to prevent soil erosion. When we handle retaining wall installation in Ft Lauderdale, our team assesses the available space and determines precisely where to build these features. We use high-quality concrete masonry units in retaining wall construction, and these improve the appeal and stability of your landscape.

For any more information on our hardscape installations in Ft Lauderdale, feel free to contact Cabo Brick and Stone at 954-675-6734. Our team is here to help you with a free consultation and estimate. You can send us your details via this form, and one of our expert team members will call you shortly.