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Hardscaping with Bricks and Pavers in Deerfield Beach, FL

Brick Pavers, Deerfield Beach, FL We at Cabo Brick and Stone are a credible state certified general contractor with over 25 years of experience in the hardscaping industry, so that means you can expect nothing but outstanding services from us. Our expertise has helped us build a very solid customer base in and around Deerfield Beach, FL, as we have handled a significant number of projects for clients in these areas. If you are looking for high-grade, customized brick & paver pool decks, patios, walkways, pathways or driveways, you need the expertise and experience that we at Cabo Brick and Stone bring to the table.

Brick Pavers for Pool Decks

The pool area is always incomplete without the pool deck. It is an essential element that can never be left out because of its many practical functions, such as being a place for relaxation and calmness. However, this space can only truly be enjoyed if it is built with the best materials, because it is constantly exposed to moisture and can bring up problems to the owners otherwise. Therefore, we recommend natural brick pavers or other types of pavers when installing pool decks, because these materials are slip-resistant and can excellently handle extreme heat and water exposure. An important advantage of using bricks and pavers for pool decks is that they can be spot replaced, if necessary. When it comes to beauty, these materials are very attractive because they have a classic appeal and complement a wide range of design themes and styles.

Cabo Brick & Stone has access to the most reputable manufacturers and can build brick and paver pool decks of any pattern or design. We will transform your backyard pool into an inviting oasis that is truly a delight for the senses. Our pool deck designers are here to provide ideas and help with material choices, so if you want an enjoyable environment in your backyard for years to come, call us today at 954-675-6734.

Brick Pavers for Patios

A patio is a highly functional feature that is the perfect addition to residential properties. These features are constantly exposed to climatic changes making it necessary to use suitable quality materials for construction. Patio pavers bring a lot of advantages and benefits, such as durability, easy maintenance, safety features, pro-environmental, and great investment. However, brick pavers are among the most popular types of pavers for patios, thanks to their natural appeal. It is known that traditionally, the material is available in a rust-red color, but all of that has changed now, so you can choose from clay pavers of different shades and hues based on your specific landscape design requirements.

Brick pavers make for the perfect attractive and long-lasting patios, while they also add a welcoming feature to your backyard. Brick patio pavers work well with many different types of houses, because of their uniform shape. Bricks come in many different styles and quality, so they offer a rather large range of patters and designs. Moreover, when you have a brick paved patio other outdoor living amenities, such as portable outdoor fireplaces or fixed fire features, are going to look completed and you will end up with a captivating landscape.

Whatever your landscaping or hardscaping project might be – however big or small, our skilled crew will take your design requirements and create a personalized outdoor area to suit all your needs.
We want to offer the best services for our clients, in and around Deerfield Beach, LA, so we use the best materials and tools for all the projects we complete. If you want more information on our brick pavers for pool decks and patios, contact us today at 954-675-6734 or through this form.