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Benefits of Concrete Retaining Walls

Benefits of Concrete Retaining Walls, Deerfield Beach, FL While installing retaining walls in your landscape, you would like to balance aesthetics with their functional value. After all, the very purpose of these installations is to incorporate the natural slope of the area. While brick and stone have been the traditional materials used for building retaining walls, concrete has emerged as a more versatile choice. Ultimately, this material is sturdier than most other components, and delivers better functional value. In terms of endurance, strength, and resistance to weather conditions, concrete retaining walls fulfill every parameter.

Have a look at the benefits of concrete retaining walls in your landscape.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Well, you might be thinking of the dull, gray concrete while we talk about installation. Presently, we deploy a wide array of designs and colors. Depending on your preferences, we can customize your concrete retaining walls. Most importantly, you can make these walls look like other materials like stone and bricks. We incorporate various designs and colors to make the walls resemble other materials. With us, you enjoy the liberty to choose from different stains and shades. With the right design, your property would get a new dimension. Moreover, we deploy several decorative features like statuettes, columns, and dedicated spaces for flowerpots.

Compliments Other Hardscapes

The visual appeal of your landscaped garden or green zones largely depends on the hardscaped elements you are incorporating. Concrete walls can complement other hardscaping features in your garden. Think of your gazebos, benches, fountains, and other hardscaped materials. Our experts will help you visualize the finished look of the garden at the outset before working on the retaining walls. In the end, you would have a cohesive look around your home to enhance the looks of your garden.

Allows for Varying Ground Levels

With concrete retaining walls, you can enjoy varying ground levels to optimize the available space for landscaping. Here are certain ideas that would help you in this endeavor.
  • Many gardeners deploy concrete walls for creating terraced zones. You, too, can go for this design and use this space for planting. Particularly, if the landscape of your garden is sloping, you might find it difficult to make the best use of your space. Retaining walls made of concrete can be a viable solution in these cases.
  • You might also use a small concrete retaining wall as a flower bed. With more ground levels available, simply mix the soil that is friendly to flowering plants.

Retains Soil, Lawns, Gardens

Particularly, properties located at the bottom of hills are susceptible to the risk of soil erosion. This threat gets amplified during wind and rain. Your garden soil can get eroded during poor weather conditions unless you have robust retaining walls. Soil erosion can also lead to landslides and mudslides, that would mess up your garden. It would also weaken the structural integrity of your property and block your drainage system. With a powerful retaining wall, you can get adequate protection against these risks.

Enable Control of Water Flows

By controlling the flow of water, the retaining walls made of concrete can prevent flooding. In the first place, these walls serve as a barrier that prevents water from flowing into your property. Particularly, during rainy and stormy weather conditions, the walls direct the water flow from your residence. It also prevents moisture from accumulating in the low areas of your property.

Reach out to us at Cabo Brick & Stone for getting a concrete retaining wall installed in your property. You can secure your garden, while cherishing the enhanced visual appeal. You may contact us at 954-675-6734 or fill up your details in this contact form for us to get back.