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A Guide to Choosing the Right Pavers

Paver Types, Deerfield Beach, FL We at Cabo Brick & Stone specialize in the installation of all the most popular types of pavers in Deerfield Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas. With almost three decades of industry presence, we have the expertise and experience required to deliver the best of all these paver materials.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are so versatile that they provide even gardeners with more colors and textural effects than almost any other alternative material. Available in many styles and colors, these pavers allow us to create a one-of-a-kind walkway, driveway, or patio for you. We can mix and match the colors and shapes based on your landscape's theme or architectural style. Some of the other advantages of concrete pavers are as follows:
  • Affordability: The unique manufacturing process makes concrete pavers more affordable than asphalt or poured concrete. They also cost less than comparable sandstone, clay, or granite.
  • Strength: The cement, aggregate, and sand are held much tighter than in poured concrete. Besides, the joints between the pavers provide room for movement and prevent cracks.
  • Weather Resistance: The rough surface is slip-resistant, and it doesn't get affected by de-icing.
Concrete pavers are also low-maintenance surfaces and require only frequent sweeping and rinsing.

Clay Brick Pavers

We also specialize in laying the more traditional-looking clay brick pavers. We can help you choose the right type and pattern depending on your home's style – from blending into a grand estate to a cottage garden or anything else.

You would cherish brick pavers for their unique features:
  • Inviting texture and warm hues allow bricks to harmonize with your plantscapes and other paving materials.
  • Handy size and uniformity in space make the features easier to design and install.
  • We work with different types of bricks that vary in terms of strength and resistance to the weather.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are exceptionally durable. Made of special types of clays and additives, porcelain is kiln-fired to temperatures up to 1400 degrees. The result is a paving material that is durable, hard, wear-resistant, and with an exceptionally low water absorption property.

Some of the main reason's porcelain pavers are popular are as follows:
  • Lightweight: With thickness up to 3/4 inch, these pavers are lighter than most other paving materials, making them handy and easier to transport and install.
  • Aesthetic Elegance: Available in a rich collection of colors and styles, these pavers allow our designers to create outdoor designs that perfectly fit into the surrounding environment.
  • Low Maintenance: Porcelain pavers don't require sealers or protective coatings. Spills, including grease and oil, can be easily removed and don't cause strains.
Thicker porcelain pavers are perfect for high-traffic areas. These pavers also offer excellent resistance to mold, mildew, moss, freeze, and thaw.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers are excellent for patios and pool decks. We also use them for our client's decks and walkways. We mostly use these beautiful thick stones for projects where aesthetics is the priority. Over the years, it has become a widely popular material with designers because of its durability and long life.

Some of the main advantages of travertine pavers are as follows:
  • Durable & Strong: Travertine pavers are twice as strong as concrete.
  • Resistance to Heat: Your pavers will stay cool even on a hot sunny day, allowing you to walk barefoot on them.
  • Resistance to Efflorescence: Travertine pavers will not fade like man-made pavers. The surface will retain its color even after decades.
We at Cabo Brick & Stone can assist you in making the right choice of pavers depending on your preferences, architecture, and landscape theme. If you need more information about our services, give us a call at 954-675-6734 or fill this Online Form to get a free estimate for your project.