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Hardscaping Solutions in Pembroke Pines, FL

Hardscaping Solutions, Pembroke Pines, FL Our focus at Cabo Brick & Stone is to recognize our clients' needs and give them expert advice and high-quality workmanship. We want to make your next hardscaping project as seamless as possible by providing courteous and efficient service that will culminate in the perfect hardscaping elements. Whether you are setting up a new pool deck or installing paver steps, we are the right company for the project. Here are some of our services to our Pembroke Pines, FL clients.


Once the site preparation work is completed, the construction of outdoor elements and landscaping features begins. In most circumstances, we need to level the land before the project's building phase can begin. The area must be clear of grass, debris, and barriers, but it must also be flat. Grading necessitates a thorough understanding of geography as well as landscape construction techniques.

We supply clients throughout Southeast Florida with high-quality, efficient, and trustworthy grading services at cost-effective costs for site building, private roads, driveways, parking lot installations, etc. We adhere to all site development plans to the letter, so you can be confident that we will complete the grading work quickly and safely. We are the contractors to call if you need a landscape built from the ground up or if you need some elements installed as part of a landscape upgrade.

Paver Walkways

Walkways are an essential part of practically every landscape. You want to make sure that durable materials are used to construct these outdoor elements when you have them planned and installed. You also want the walks to be beautiful while sturdy and simple to maintain. Few materials can beat pavers for walkways in terms of durability and attractiveness. These units are ideal for walkway installation and enhance your yard's appearance.

As part of the walkway design process, our team will present numerous concepts and suggestions. If you're getting walkways and a driveway installed simultaneously, we will make sure the design flows smoothly from one to the next. Because pavers come in various textures, patterns, shapes, and designs, you can create fantastic design concepts unique to your property.

We use various high-quality pavers manufactured by Hanson Hardscape, Artistic Pavers, Tremron Pavers, Brick Olympic Stone, Old Castle, Gem Pavers, Sutton Stone America, and others. Once you've decided on the products you want, our paver installers will ensure that we install them according to your approved plan.

Brick & Paver Pool Decks

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any home. They're the ideal solution to make your yard more usable and create the right location for enjoyment, leisure, and entertaining. These surfaces, however, are frequently exposed to the weather. The sun's UV rays can wreak havoc on your swimming pool deck. The most straightforward approach to deal with this issue is to use high-quality materials such as natural stone, concrete, or brick.

If you're looking for high-quality, personalized brick and paver pool decks, you'll require our company's skills and experience. Although the market is swamped with new products and resources, it requires some expertise and ingenuity to make the best use of them. Our pool deck designers can help with design ideas and material selections. This concerted and proactive approach helps ensure that you get excellent value and the best service when you hire us for your next hardscaping project.

In addition to these installations, we provide many other hardscaping solutions to our residential and commercial clients. For more information on grading services and other such applications in Pembroke Pines, FL, call Cabo Brick and Stone at 954-675-6734. You can also send us your queries and get a free estimate for your specific project.