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"My whole experience with your company has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish.

I did not know much about what Iwanted to do with my pool deck and patio, but after talking to you and having you give me your expert advice,we came up with a great layout for my deck and patio.

I also love the fact that we added the walkway to complete the job."

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Grading and preparing the paver base is the very first phase of the job. In this phase we will determine, elevations, pitch, slope, and drainage. This phase is very important and can make all the difference in the long lasting integrity of the job.

Before we DIG contact will be made with This call will get the utility lines marked. Our experienced workers will excavate the area and haul the debris from your job site. Once the elevations are established, the base preparation begins. The Road rock is spread and compacted with a plate compactor. The setting bed requires expertise in screeding so the base is leveled appropriately and then compacted.

Whether your installation requires concrete brick pavers, travertine, or Chicago Brick, dealing with a reputable well-established company makes all the difference. Correctly laying out the base for your Paver Installation requires skill . When you hire Cabo Brick and Stone, Inc. for your paver installation, you can rest assured you will be dealing with experienced graders.

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